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About us


We Value Jesus Christ and His personal presence

The exaltation of Jesus is given preeminence in order to create an environment where God openly manifests his presence.


We Value Biblical Authority
The anointed teaching and reception of God’s Word is the primary catalyst for spiritual transformation, individually and corporately.           

We Value Christ’s Love and Grace
God’s personal love motivates us to love one another and do all we can to help our fellow man. The redemptive power of the finished work of Christ supplies mercy, grace, forgiveness and hope.

We Value Integrity, and Accountability
Christ is establishing truth within the believer so that biblical soundness produces honesty, accountability and responsibility.  We value growing in excellence in what we do for Christ and one another.


We Value Biblical Community
The authentic fellowship we experience in relationships when we share life together as believers is the visible manifestation of Christ. The local church has been commissioned to fulfill Christ’s mission corporately and in smaller groups.

We Value Godly Leaders and Followers
Those who have the gifts, faith, courage, experience and who are humbly willing to sacrifice in order to lead in the local church. We also understand that every believer has valuable influence that they can use to support the vision.

We Value Passionate Worship
Wholehearted worship that connects with God and prepares the heart to hear his Word.

We Value Creative Evangelism
The proclamation of the timeless gospel can be expressed in new ways to reach our changing culture releasing the power that regenerates anyone who comes to God in faith so they may begin a new life in relationship with Christ.     

We Value Faith in Action and Joyful Service
The reality of God’s presence and the validity of His Word compel us to joyfully attempt to obey the challenging commands of God and fulfill our highest spiritual calling by discovering, developing and utilizing our spiritual gifts.

We Value Unity
God commands a blessing when the church, the body of Christ, acts with selfless and intentional teamwork. Only when many diverse individuals work together can we accomplish our mission.

We Value Communication
It is important to have open, intentional, reciprocal flow of communication and feedback so that the church at large is aware of major decisions, events, and necessary information.

Meet The Team

Staff Group Picture_edited.jpg
Pastor Jeff (Headshot)_edited_edited.jpg

Pastor Jeff Wisot

Founder & Senior Pastor

Pastor Larry_edited_edited.jpg

Pastor LArry Redmond

Lead Pastor

Pastor Davson (Headshot)_edited_edited.j

Pastor Davson Silveira

Worship Leader

Staff Group Picture_edited_edited_edited

Symanthia Lynch

Financial Administrator

Rebecca (Headshot)_edited_edited.jpg
Johnna (Headshot)_edited.jpg

Rebecca Healey


Johnna Murrey

Children's Director

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